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We Take Processing To a New Level

The cornerstone of our operations is our beef processing plants, located in Dodge City and Liberal, Kansas.

We Supply Beef To Any Sized Customer

These facilities enable us to meet the extensive products and program needs of our customers. Plus, the unique capabilities of our processing plants fuel our value-added strategy allowing us to produce a comprehensive line of beef products.

Two of the highest vo​lume, most efficient beef processing plants in the world.​

We Ensure the Highest Quality

Our proprietary Biologic® Food Safety System includes employee training, a zone system, processing interventions, and control and assessment checks. We have invested heavily in food safety and will continue to evaluate our systems to ensure cleaner, safer beef for our customers and cleaner outputs for the communities we call home.

Setting A Higher Standard

To help us monitor the effectiveness of our food safety processes, we operate fully equipped testing laboratories at our two facilities where 30,000 tests are performed annually.