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Leaders In Leather

We provide premium quality Wet Blue Leather to global customers in the automotive, footwear, and leather accessories industries.

We Are An Innovator

From our secure source of premium cattle to our innovative processing and plant technology to our commitment to environmental responsibility — we are proud to deliver a reliable supply of premium Wet Blue Leather to our customers, with every shipment, every day.


All of our high-quality hides are exclusively sourced from our two beef processing plants in Dodge City and Liberal, Kansas, ensuring the finest product for our customers.


Our National Beef® tannery is the largest, most technologically advanced Wet Blue facility in the world, using a fully automated production process, a control center to oversee the entire plant and a hide handling system to provide enhanced production efficiencies.


As the new generation of leather makers, we take pride in crafting our product to fit the varied needs of our customers.


Focused on doing the right thing for our planet, we continue to work toward decreasing our environ-mental footprint. National Beef is Silver-Rated 92.47% by LWG.

Leather Facilities

We take pride in utilizing the largest and most technologically advanced Wet Blue tannery in the world to meet the varied needs of our customers.

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